In 1883, a small log cabin was constructed on a tract of land owned by a Mr. Dufief . That land was later purchased by Mr. Sandy Butler. The property was located on the east side of a public road 20 feet wide now known as Jones Lane. Church services were held in the log cabin for about 10 years and baptism services were held at a creek that ran somewhere behind the church. Because of the poplar trees that surrounded the church, it was named Poplar Grove Baptist Church.

The first congregation consisted of 18 faithful members. Reverend Holmes was the first pastor of the log cabin church. He was followed by Reverend Kyle, Reverend Lindsay, Reverend Crowley, and Reverend Johnson. As the congregation grew, everyone realized the need for a larger church. Subsequently, Deacon Butler donated the property for construction of a new building. On July 9, 1888, Deacon Butler wrote a deed for the sum of $1. On March 13, 1892, Deacon Butler granted the deed to the congregation as church property. In 1893, a dream became a reality with the completion of the "little church on the side of the road!" This wooded structure still stands and was designated an historical site in Montgomery County, Maryland in 1987.

From the early 1920's to the early 1950's, Reverend Bernard Botts served as pastor of Poplar Grove. Reverend James Prather was ordained in January 1954 and soon after was elected pastor of Poplar Grove Baptist Church.

In 1970, Reverend Prather had a vision to construct a new edifice and on May 4, 1985, Poplar Grove officially broke ground for construction of the two-story church which would include a sanctuary seating approximately 250 people, baptistery, choir loft, pastor's study, fellowship hall, classrooms and a kitchen. On January 17, 1998, the congregation marched from the old church to the new singing "We've Come This Far By Faith!"



After four decades as the pastor of Poplar Grove, Reverend Prather announced his retirement as a full-time pastor effective January 16, 1994. On March, 1995, Reverend Joseph W. Austin was elected pastor of Poplar Grove, He led the flock at Poplar Grove Baptist Church from April 23, 1995 to December 31, 2007, and was responsible for designating the Church as "Holy Ghost Headquarters of Gaithersburg"


In April 2001 Reverend Washington and his family united with Poplar Grove Baptist Church.  In January 2008 Reverend Washington served as the Interim Pastor.  In February 2011 he was selected as Pastor of Poplar Grove Baptist Church.  He is an active member of the Black Minister Conference of Montgomery Co, MD where he serves on the executive board as a member at large.