The mission of "Women’s Ministry United" is to empower women to seek and

fulfill their true God-given purposes in life. The desire is to provide opportunities

for women to grow spiritually, to pray and fellowship together, to encourage, to

grieve with one another, and to serve others in and outside the body of Christ.

Our desire is that every woman feels the heart, the mind and the soul of Jesus.

We strive:

To embrace women from all walks of life into a deeper relationship with Christ

To educate women in the area of finance so that they may become Godly

stewards, eventually debt free and greater sowers into the Kingdom of God

To empower teens, single mothers, seniors and women in prison by supporting

them in areas of need.

To encourage all women who with whom we connect, to believe that God has a

plan and purpose for their lives. Admonish them to seek that purpose and live it,

which in turn will give glory to God.

To partner with existing ministries, for the building of the body of Christ by the

aid of the Holy Spirit.